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Heavy Machinery Shifting

Heavy machinery is difficult to move without proper facilities of lifting and loading. Whether you are heading your large machinery for relocation or exhibition or sale or export, we move it safely to the destination point. We have been offering heavy machinery shifting services in Noida and all the major cities of India.

The industrial units prefer us for our seamless and reasonable services. We own major tools and equipment used to pack and handle the heavy machines. The kinds of services we offer are available for a single unit as well for the entire industrial machinery. All the relocation of heavy machines is done with protective packing and insurance. Though we take no chance for any loophole, we ensure the goods against unforeseen incidents.

Requirements of Moving Large Machinery

Movement of large machinery has many challenges. The major requirements are proper packaging, manpower, lifting equipment, and large vehicles. As you hire us, you have each and every facility to move the machine.

Here are the major requirements we will be fulfilling to move the large machinery from one place to another.

• Dismantling machines
• Packing
• Trained manpower
• Forklifting if required
• Loading
• Transporting
• Unloading
• Unpacking
• Cleaning
• Re-installation

Machinery needs careful handling and transportation to avoid damages. Any little breakage can harm its performance. It may also reduce the value of the machine. We have experience of moving heavy machinery for purpose of relocation, sale, exhibition display, contract jobs, and auctions.

Machine Shifting Services

We have so far shifted a variety of machines like CNC lathe machines, grinding machines, honing machines, textile machinery, weaving, and many others. Our supervisor examines the machine in order to plan appropriate packing and transport vehicle.

We load the machine on the truck or trailer with the latest equipment to avoid delay and damage. The unloading, commissioning, and installation are fulfilled in coordination with the technical staff.

Our movement is done by trained drivers who are familiar with the routes, roadmaps of the destination city. The team of driver and surveyor is also familiar with the documentation and other inter-state transportation formalities.

Advanced Machine Shifting Solutions

Hisar movers is a reliable heavy machine shifting service in Hisar offer cost-effective movement. We are an all-in-one solution provider for the relocation of bulky machines. We deliver the machines at the desired location within the stipulated timeframe.

Right from picking to re-installation, our team monitors the relocation. We use both manual labour as well as advanced equipment to move and load the machine with great speed and efficiency. The right combination of advanced tools and labour is applied to protect security and intactness of the machine. Our dedicated supervisor also takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the people handling machinery.

Our flexible and customized machine shifting services are specially designed to fulfil movement of different types of huge machinery. The best suitable packing material, loading tools, and trailers are employed to ensure safety. The machines are protected from jerks, scratches, dust, and moisture during the travel. With our strong vehicles and cautious team, the machines reach the destination in perfect shape without any scratch and breakage.


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