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Unloading Services

Unloading large quantities of goods is challenging and risky. Our professional unloading services deal with man-handling any number of and any nature of goods. Unloading is a vital process in shifting and transferring the goods.

Packer hisar is a leading service provider in Noida for the loading and unloading of goods. Our services are provided to the households during shifting, commercial units as well as industries. We are known as a company offer careful loading and unloading services.

Our Key Strengths

We offers a variety of services for smooth residential and commercial shifting. We also offer comprehensive professional assistance to the factories and businesses for transportation, loading, and unloading of materials.

The main feature of our services is our ability to handle valuable items with great diligence.

2. Delivering with Protection – The goods are delivered with proper packing and insurance cover.

3. Trained Manpower – We do not hire random labourers for unloading. We have our own team of trained labourers who know how to handle valuable goods.

4. Timely Unloading – With a great focus on punctuality and huge manpower, we are able to unload a large number of goods in a short time.

5. Positioning and Placement of Goods – Our team will also place the goods after unloading in coordination with the customers.

6. Affordable Pricing – Our charges for loading unloading are very reasonable for individuals as well as offices.

Our dedicated supervisor will take responsibility of receiving goods without any damage and loss.

Vigilant Unloading

Our specialized team excel in unloading any nature of goods. Be it small household and commercial items or heavy machinery, we can handle everything.

We have experience of unloading corporate items like electronics, stationery, office documents understanding its value. The team will cautiously unload and unpack the valuables with a complete examination. The goods are understood before unloading by our supervisor.

Any open or loose package is quickly detected by our team member and gets reported to the supervisor. The necessary measure is taken to pack it properly to avoid spillage of the goods. While unloading, we ensure that no material is left in the container or truck. All the packages are checked for intact packaging. Our supervisor takes care of the open packages and if the goods are out of the packs.

As for brittle goods, we are extra careful to handle them. Our team owns a wonderful skill of bringing down the items with quickness and care.

The unloaded products are properly stacked as per the instructions from the customers. Before leaving the place, compare the handled goods with the provided checklist. 100% accuracy of the number of goods is confirmed before we leave. With our professional service, you have no stress of missing goods, breakage, and mishandling.

You can also hire us for unpacking the unloaded goods to eliminate your stress of rearranging the goods. We can unpack and settle the goods at the new place. Besides unloading, you can hire all other related shifting and unpacking services required at the time of relocation. Call us and inform the details of the goods. Our team will arrive at the receiving point well before time to give timely execution of the unloading.


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